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        Xingtai Longjia Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to produce and sale of cable testing equipmentand production equipment.The company employs a research and development team composed of senior engineers, engineers, technicians etc. Some products have obtained national patents. These inject new vitality for the enterprise sustainable development.
        The company has been focused on providing wire and cable testing equipment for China's wire and cable industry enterprises. Our main products are: ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking equipment, load tester,  power frequency AC voltage tester, power frequency spark machine,thermal aging oven, electronic bridge, insulation resistance tester, thermostatic water bath, projector, electronic tensile tester, wire and cable chipper,crosslinking cable slicer,tablet punching machine,wire coiling& torsion device, electronic balance, density balance, refractory and flame retardant test device, low-tempreture tank, low-temperature tensile coil and punching device etc.  Our products can satisfy the product process testing needs of CCC/MA/production license.
        According to market research and customer feedback, we independently research and develop touch ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking production equipment (UV–LJ). It solves the problems of silane crosslinking process and improves theproduction efficiency.
        Since 2012, the company starts corporation with Hefei Smarter Technology Group Co., Ltd and Swiss Para Bach Electronics Co., Ltd.  We join hands in developing cable production equipment and online detection technology together.Our products are widely acclaimed by users. Users word of mouth marketing is our company's biggest sales characteristic.
        The company always carrying out its business strategy: “to take the market as the guidance and customers paramount”.  “With first-class technology, first-class talents, first-class mechanism” is our foothold. “science and technology first, quality first, best service” is the management idea.  “Follow the market pulse tightly, continuously pursuit the product perfection, excellence of quality”is the management policy. We sincerely cooperate with the well-known domestic enterprises and design companies, hand in hand to create brilliant!