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25KV Spark Tester

2017-1-20      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   SLD 25KV
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一、 Application
  This spark tester absorbs advantages of similar products at home and abroad.It was designed and manufactured according to GB/T3048.9-94 and JB/T4278.10-93.It is used for spark test of insulation layer for rubber and plastic wire and cable.Power frequency test is an important test equipment to ensure the insulation quality for wire and cable.
二、 Structural Characteristics
1.This tester is a monolithic structure, composed of bending welded steel plate and the exterior been protectively painted.
2.The tester input voltage of 220V, output voltage is continuous and adjustable. There are 5 maximum test voltages under your order, 10 KV, 15 KV, 20 KV, 25 KV, and 30 KV.
3.The tester electrode using bead chain, the length of chain, the size of beads, the width of electrode, etc all can meet standard requirements.  The diameter of tested wire and linear velocity can by raised when you place an order. We will meet your requirements by design.
4.The high voltage part is completely closed in the box, the box is installed with grounding screw. The electrode box is equipped with interlock switch, open the lid can automatically stop the high voltage. Electrode groove and mechanical interlocking and grounding can ensure person and equipment safety.
5.The testing machine is equipped with insulation fault indicator, when defective insulation test products pass through the electrode groove, it appears spark discharge phenomenon, the machine will immediately give out noise and light alarm, so that the operator can handle it in time.


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