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Ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking equipment

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The Application of Ultraviolet Irradiation Crosslinking Equipment
  Ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking process is to use ultraviolet   lights as a radiation source, the mixed polyolefin ingredients are extruded and coated on the conducting wire core, and then immediately enter a special irradiation device in melt state for light crosslinking irradiation.Crosslinking insulation wire core is treated with different temperature of cooling and other follow-up processing,to obtain ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking insulated polyolefin wire and cable products.   

 Characteristics of Ultraviolet Irradiation Crosslinking Equipment
Wide Range of Application
    Ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking equipment is suitable for polyethylene or low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin of low voltage wire and cable to online crosslinking production, cross-linked to a maximum of 2.0mm thickness (non flame retardant high-density or linear low density polyethylene cable material). The advantages for using UV irradiation crosslinking technology is: speedy production, stable quality and online crosslinking. For example, for crosslinked polyethylene cable, thermal stability control at around 100%.


Low cost     Convenient installation     High reliability




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