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XD-300 charging machine Suction machine Full automatic material feeding machine

2017-1-21      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   XD-300
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300G independent automatic feeding machine, the use of high-speed rectifier motor, the first use of the empty box controller, the machine can be set up, control, convenient, fast.


Small size, light weight, can be placed directly on the drying machine or other raw materials containers, to complete the automatic material.

3.Technical parameter

 Model XD-300 
 Transport capacity(kg/h)  300
 Suction head(m )   3.5
 Static wind pressure(mm/H20)  1300
 Storage bucket capacity(L)  7.5
 Feed pipe diameter(mm)  φ38
 Distribution pipe(mm)  φ38mm*3.5mm  1pcs
 Outline dimension(cm)  34*34*59
 Net weight(kg)  13


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