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XD-300 Feeding Machine

2017-1-20      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   XD-300
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Microcomputer control,alarm for overload and lack of material.
1.XD-300G use high-speed commutating motor, low in noise, long    in service life.  The host and the hopper unibody designed,      small in size, light in weight.
2.XD-700G use high-speed commutating motor,small in volume, material    absorption is strong.It is suitable for new material transporting.
3.XD-800G, XD-900G adopted with induction high-pressure blower,    low noise and durable.
4.XD-800G has function of reverse and remove dust automatically.
5.XD-700G, XD-800G, XD-900G.Host machine separated from hopper,    easy and safe to operate. Independent filtration device,        convenient to remove dust.
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