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DQ-630 General conductor resistance jig

2017-1-21      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   DQ-630
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     DQ-630 General conductor resistance jig is for measuring the DC resistance of conductor wire and cable equipment.It can be used to test the conductor resistance with a variety of double bridge and digital bridge, like QJ36, QJ57, PC36C etc.
     Aluminum profile is used for bottom plate, it has independent current end clamp and voltage test end clamp.  According to cross-sectional area size of the measured conductor, the current terminal clamp can be moved between the two test ends. The performance index and technical parameters met the requirement of China national standards.
    Main Technical specifications
Clamp contact width: 45mm
Distance between Current terminal and voltage terminal: adjustable   range of 75-135mm
The measured conductor length: 1000mm
Maximum area of cross section: 630mm²


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