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QJ36 Intelligent Resistance Tester

2017-3-16      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   QJ36
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Performance Indicators

1. Resistance measurement

Measuring range: 0.01μΩ2.5MΩ  accuracy: 0.05% (can be calibrated)

2. Constant current indicators

Constant current gear range: 1uA10uA100uA1mA10mA0.1A1A10A.

3. Voltmeter measurement

Indicator measuring range: 0-2.5V, measurement accuracy:0.02%

4. Rated current mode

Indicators measuring current: 100uA1mA10mA0.1A1A10A.

5. Temperature measurement range: 0-7(extensible)    precision: ±0.1 (adjustable)

6. Length measurement accuracy: 0.5%

7. Store data quantity: 100pc 

Function & characteristics

1. Measure DC resistance of wire and cable, resistor resistance, connector contact resistance.

2. Temperature measurement.

3. Measure the length of the cable.

4. Measure Voltage.

5. Constant current source.

6. Measure low voltage and grounding resistance.

7. Measure voltage, resistance for transformer coil.

8. Wide range of resistance measurement, 10 levels measuring gear, 8 levels measuring current of automatic conversion.

9. Ten grades calibration.

10.  Automatic conversion of temperature coefficient of resistance.

11.  Two directions measurement: positive and negative.

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