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DY-2 Butterfly Stretch Instrument

2017-1-21      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   DY-2
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  Butterfly stretch instrument is mechanical contact displacement meter. It is suitable for measuring the displacement of material to obtain certain index of mechanical properties.It has simple structure,easy to use, good adaptability,and can improve the sensitivity of measurement by increase the gage length. It is light in weight, clear to read.You can select dial indicator or dial gauge according to different accuracy requirements.  This instrument is a necessary material testing instruments.
Main Specification:
1.The largest size of specimen : cylinder diameter 0 to 25mm.  The thickness of plate specimen: 0 to 25mm.
2.The size range: 30-80mm; 30-120mm; 200-250mm.
3.Meter: Measuring range for dial indicator: 0 to 30mm, dividing value of 0.01mm.  Measuring range for dial gauge: 0-1mm, dividing value of 0.001mm.
4.Precision level of the meter:first class


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