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High Voltage Testing Rig

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      Power frequency high voltage test rig is designed for finished product of low voltage cable. This equipment is made up of three parts: console, 50KVA induction voltage regulator, and transformer. The equipment has standard capacity of 50KVA and voltage of 5KV.  The operation is electrical controlled. If there are any crevasses on the tested cable, the high-voltage is automatic jump to zero, sound and light alarm are started, leakage protection maximally protect the safety of operator.            

 The main technical parameters for transformer
 Rated Capacity: 50KVA, 100KVA, 150KVA, 200KVA
 Rated Input Voltage: 380V
 Rated Output Voltage: 0-5KV, 0-10KV, 0-15KV, 0-20KV, 0-25KV
      Induction Voltage Regulator
 The induction voltage regulator provides testing transformer from zero to the rated value of AC input voltage, with functions of electric control, upper and lower limit, zero potential start.
  Main technical parameters:
  Rated Capacity: 50KVA, 100KVA, 150KVA, 200KVA       Rated Output Voltage: 0-600V
 Rated Input Voltage: 380V          Installed capacity: 50KVA
 Power supply:380V                  Maximum voltage:5KV
 Test the longest in meters: 5000meters
  Function & Features
  1、When sample breakdown, it will automatically start alarm (light and sound) device. 
          High voltage cutting off will be delayed (0.1-1S, adjustable)
  2、Voltage regulator in high voltage startup the zero potential.
  3、Breakdown, over-current protection, high-voltage non-zero potential tripping
           operation, the voltage regulator automatically buck back to zero.
  4、Disruptive test:when it arrived at the set voltage, the voltage value go
           back to zero and automatically the power be cut off.
  5、Digital display, voltage withstand time is adjustable.
  6、 High voltage output, current output, measurement accuracy to + 3%.


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