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Hot air drier

2017-1-20      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   XD-800G
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product feature
1.Using uniform distributed high-performance hot air diffusion system, improved    the efficiency of drying.
2.Characteristic of the hot air bend pipe design, can prevent dust accumulate to   the bottom of the heating tube and cause burning.
3.The inside of the barrel and internal component are made of stainless steel,     thus ensure the raw material will not be contaminated.
4.Barrel and hopper are separated, it’s easy for cleaning and reloading is quick.
5.All series equipped with over-temperature alarm, to avoid material agglomerate   caused by over-temperature.
6.24 hours timer and double heat preservation material barrel are optional for all   kinds of models.
7.Exhaust cyclone device, exhaust air filter, hot air collector, hopper magnets,   Europeanized absorbing material box, foot frame are all available for selection.

Technological parameter data



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