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0-150mm Vernier caliper

2017-1-21      View:
  • Brand   LONGJIA
  • Type   0-150mm
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Is the vernier caliper measuring tool for measuring length, diameter, depth. The two part is composed of a main ruler and a vernier caliper attached on the main ruler slide vernier structure. If viewed from the back, the cursor is a whole. The main ruler general in millimeters, while the cursor is 10, 20 or 50 points according to the different lattice, lattice, vernier caliper can be divided into ten graduation caliper, twenty indexing vernier caliper, vernier caliper and fifty grid indexing. The main ruler and vernier caliper on the two side activities are claw, claw and the outer measuring claw inside, inside jaws are often used to measure the inner diameter, outer measuring claw is usually used to measure the length and diameter of. The depth gauge is connected with the vernier ruler to measure the depth of the groove and the cylinder.


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